Divine Glamour SS16

Divine glamour comes from the most glamorous decade, the 1930’s and the natural beauty of shells to create a unique collection. The 1930’s saw the rise of the Hollywood film industry. Actresses such as Marlene Dietrich wore extravagant costumes both on and off screen. Plenty of embellishment techniques were used on these costumes. The combination of fringing, glitter and sublimation printing accompanied with plenty of sequin fabric has been used to achieve the idea of glamour in the collection. The 1930’s was also the decade of a great advancement in pattern cutting where the bias cut technique was developed. This technique is very apparent in the collection with the fullness featured in all of the outfits. Many of the panels are at 90° angles so when sewn hang at 45° creating a draped bias effect. The shell shape featured in many of the designs represents natural beauty ‘Parts of the natural beauty of sea shells derives from the visual rhythm of their self-replicating whorls’. The colour palette features pastel tones from shells from around the world. With the use of the pastel pinks, blues and womanly silhouette the collection is very feminine and using embellishment to the extreme making it divine. This combination of extreme embellishment the bias cut and the shell shape builds the collection Divine Glamour into the perfect 1930's party dress.

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